B R A Z E N  'D I S T A N C E'
New album out now!

After almost eighteen years of deceptive silence, Brazen is back with Distance, an ambitious indie-rock epic where melancholic modulations and vocal harmonies intertwine on a soaring instrumental carpet. The eight tracks that make up the album are characterised by refined songwriting, carried by an epic breath that makes each track a journey in its own right. Composed, arranged and recorded remotely between London and Geneva over the course of almost a decade, the album is as musically polished as it is rich in narrative twists. The meticulous care taken in its conception gives it a timeless character that in no way detracts from its emotional intensity.

Label: Re-Echo Records 
Distribution: Irascible (CH) - Bigoût Records (F)
Brazen - Arms Of The Sea (2024)
A R M S  O F  T H E  S E A
Brazen's first song after almost 18 years of silence,  'Arms Of The Sea' is available on all streaming platforms starting April 19, 2024.