D I S T A N C E 
Storms In The Far 
Let You Down 
Arms Of The Sea 
Holocene Dies 
Hey Man 
Bizarre Tragic Hollow Times

releases June 14, 2024
Re-Echo Records
Aura, Dora (2006)

A U R A ,  D O R A 
Aura, Dora 
Yesterday Was You 
Calling Seasons 
Ordinary Song 
Fuzzy Cloud 
Newborn Towns 
High Noon 
Waterproof Men 
Harbours of Stone 
The Escapist

released Oct 16, 2006
Saïko Records
Aura, Dora (2006)

O R P H A N E D 
The Last Straw 
No Remorse 
Procrastination Days 
Authority Again 
Maple Cell 
Machines of Time 
Thin Lines

released May 2, 2003
Sticksister Records 
(subdivision of Stickman Records)
Aura, Dora (2006)

2 0 0 1  E P
Everlasting Gestures
Statues And Waifs

These two tracks - remastered in 2024 for the digital release - were originally published on a split 3" CD with swedish band Kevlar. 

released July 2, 2001
Snuff Records
Aura, Dora (2006)

. . . A S  F L O O D S  D E C R E A S E
The Opening Curse 
In Ruins 
Frozen Gossips 
Throats To Hear 

released February 19, 2000 (10'') / June 2000 (CD)
Snuff Records
Aura, Dora (2006)

S E L F T I T L E D  7''

released January 22, 1999