SPRING SICKNESS. Nous devons malheureusement annuler les deux concerts de ce week-end (27.05 - Lörrach et 29.05 - Genève) pour des raisons médicales. Désolé pour tous ceux qui voulaient nous voir. /// We had to cancel yesterday's show in Lörrach and we'll cancel sunday's show in Genève with Vetiver for medical reasons. Sorry for the inconvenience.


TWO-THOUSAND-FIVE. Happy Not-So-New Year to everyone! We hope everything's going just fine for you guys, and that you are prepared for the Brazen come back in 2005.

NEW ALBUM. We will be recording our new album during the whole month of April at the Smelly Room with TVO (Honey for Petzi, Shora, Nostromo, etc.). We have been working on pre-production demos these last months in our practice room and it all sounds great so far. We have written 90% of the new album, and without giving out any secrets we can already tell this is the best stuff we've ever done.

SHOWS. We have to prepare for the recording sessions, so we decided not to play any live show before April. But, don't worry, we'll be back after that! There'll be an acoustic show in May at l'Usine, Genève with Vetiver, a really cool US folk band featuring Devendra Banhart. Some of us wet their panties just thinking about it. And there are some other shows planned but nothing really serious before we release the album. Check out the tourdates, as usual.


THERAPY? Did we accept to open for them and Masters of Reality at Vernier Sur Rock, in november, in Genève? Are we going nowhere? What is a question?




AUTUMN IS COMING... and we've just started demoing a semi-dozen tunes in our practice room with a newly installed Pro Tools system, and it all sounds pretty cool so far. No recording dates have been settled yet for our new album. Sloooow motioned swiss people we are.

LIVE. We're going to play a week-end of shows in Germany early October, check out the tourdates, and probably a show in Geneva early November (more about this later).


BRUNETTE BRUNETTE. Zürich, here we come again! We're playing for the first time in the mighty Rote-Fabrik, next wednesday, 2nd of June with BLONDE REDHEAD! Come on, that's cool.

JUST A LITTLE PATIENCE, YEEAW YEAH. Oh, and by the way, thanks to those who were patient enough to sit through the endless night of bands the other night in L'Usine and watch our show at 3:10 A.M. Merci les dudes.



GROUND CONTROL TO MAJOR TOM. Hey-ho, just a quick note to let you know we'll be playing next saturday (22nd of May) at this Tribute to David Bowie in L'Usine, Genève. Expect 3 early 70's songs, some spaced out synths, groovy drum-breaks, and tons of fake-cockney-dandy-gay-accent. Other than this, we've been working on new songs. Yes, still.



WWW.BRAZEN.CH - Hell yeah. We finally decided to get our own little cosy domain name, and - oh, boy - it's sweet and lovely. We feel so good in here. Don't you?
Thanks to Sofus @ www.survolt.net for hosting. The website will be also slightly improved in the next weeks, or whenever we find the time.

TULIPS & CO. So we were in The Netherlands just a couple weeks ago, visited Amsterdam, played the amazing VERA Club (check out their website for some beautiful shots of our sweet faces) during the Eurosonic Fest, saw a few good other bands, and played a few shows on the way back home. Thanks to everyone who came to see us during that week-end, we had a lot of fun. Many thanks to the gays in Favez as well. Playing with these lads was awesome, as usual. Our road crew this time around was a little different than usual, Gab pushed the faders and Minux was our entertainer-driver, and it was awesome!

2004 RESOLUTIONS. We are going to record a new album sometime during the year (no precise idea of when, or who will record it), as well as playing as many shows as we possibly can. In the meantime we are writing new songs and improving a bit new tunes like Newborn Towns, and the not-yet-definitively-titled Yesterday Was You, Unquestionable and Head over Heels (aka Wacko Jacko).

FUTURE SHOWS. A small french tour will be happening mid-April, we have some opportunities, but no dates are 100% confirmed yet. Contact us if you're interested in booking a show for us! Before that, we'll do a short swiss week-end with KVLR in Zürich (Bogen13) and Luzern (Boa) mid-march. Check the tourdates!

CANCELLED YVERDON. We would like to apologize to anyone who came at the Amalgame in Yverdon on the 17th to see us, but a big flu made any singing impossible, so we had to cancel the show. This kind of late-minute cancellations doesn't happen very often with us, so we always feel bad in doing so. But we definitely promise to play Yverdon in 2004!



SO THIS IS THE NEW YEAR, AND I DON'T FEEL ANY DIFFERENCE. Oh, no, maybe this one thing has changed: Stickman/Sticksister Records have a new website. All hail to the new design: http://www.stickman-records.com. Everyboy have a happy 2004.



YES, FINALLY AN UPDATE. Some of you maybe wondered :"So what's up with these lads in Geneva?". Well, guess what? We're busy writing new songs! Yeppy yep, billy boys, it's songwriting/structuring/demoing time at the Brazen HQ these days, and it's turning out pretty damn good. We are going to play some new stuff live at our next shows (check out the tourdates for more info) and we've been recording by ourselves a few drafts of songs at the beautiful Chaumière, on the mighty heights of Ballaison aka Michel's place. As usual in a typically Brazen-fashion, songwriting is going pretty slow, but that's the price to pay to end up with what we consider good music. No idea yet on when and where and how definite recordings will be done, but don't worry, as soon as we know, we'll post it here.

EUROVISION? Well, almost. Now that I have your attention, here is the real deal: We'll be heading to The Netherlands (for the first time) in January to play Gröningen's Vera for the Eurosonic Festival. This is exciting news. According to "everyone", Vera is supposedly the best rock-club in the world, so hopefully we haven't been told lies and we'll have a lot of fun.

RÖSTIGRABEN. Just after this show in tulips-land, we'll play a few shows on the way back home including two shows in Northern-Switz with the Favez Disciples, a brand new band from Lausanne no one has ever heard of.


FULGURO-POING. We're back from our little german tour which was a lot of fun. Big thank you's and hello's go out to: O'fé who's still the world champion in peaceful driving, Aleks for pushing the faders, Jeannette + Andrea/Stickman riot grrlz, Favez and their not-so-sad rider, 35007, Hendryk/Intro, Torsten/Amadis for booking, all the show promoters and last but not least, the audiences (especially every single person who came to the Festung in Traunstein - hello Udo, Margarita, and everyone else over there!). See you soon.


FNCK. Did you just say corporate chain store? Did you just ask for some more acoustic sell-out music? Yes baby! We've got plenty of that! Watch out for our acoustic showcases on the 25th of September @ Fnac Balexert Genève * 18h00 and on the 18th of October @ Fnac Lausanne * 15h00. Drop by with your family and pets.


SUUUMMEEER. Unfolded like a tapestry? Oh no. Please give us a break from the rivers of sweat under our armpits. Make the leaves fall from the trees and the cold take over again. Snow, ice and freezing wind is what we want! Major computer crash (blame it on the heat) made any update impossible for a little while, so we took short holidays after our Suisse-Romande-Festivals appearances (woaw!). Thanks to PTR and Paleo for the great rockstar-like treatment, and many thanks to the Vaud-people for the (very!) warm atmosphere (blame it on the heat again)
at the Pully For Noise a few days ago...

SEPTEMBER. Yep, we're playing more shows! First of all, La Bâtie Festival in Genève on the 2nd for an entirely acoustic set with Honey for Petzi and local grindcore heroes Nostromo. This is going to happen at the oh-so-classy Casino Théâtre and should be really fun! Then we're heading to the teutonic highways, for a short German tour including two shows put up by german mag Intro for Stickman Records, with Favez, Sad Riders and 35007. Yeah! More details here.


RECORD RELEASE PARTY. AKA . ORPHANED VERNISSAGE. Did we forget to mention here that we have a Record Release Party in L'Usine on friday 13th of June? Ooops. Sorry, but yes, we do. We're going to play a little wimpy acoustic set just before starting the usual loud rock show. This party will be with Impure Wilhelmina, who will celebrate their new album too. Better be cool. Come early and bring your girlfriends and little sisters.

Oh, jeeeeeeez, what a nerve-racking monday evening! We played for the first time ever two acoustic songs live on the swiss RSR radio program Radio Paradiso. Those who listened to it know we played there (with only two acoustic guitars and 2 vocals) a very soft version of Machines of Time, and the first-ever rendition of Fountains of Dew, a new tune that is very different from your usual Brazen sound. Our legs, arms and vocal cords were shaking: we were so scared it wasn't even funny. Anyway, in the end, it was a fun thing to do, and we'll hopefully do it again (and hopefully better) in the future...


BAMBOULER! Yes, we are playing the PALEO FESTIVAL in July, as well as another fest in München the same week and also the Pully For Noise in Lausanne in August. More infos HERE.


If you live in Switzerland, and want to order our record quickly without leaving the computer, here's the best solution: ---> http://www.cede.ch [type "brazen" in the search field]. No credit card needed, just your complete postal address and they send you a bill. Enjoy!


"ORPHANED" IS OUT AND AVAILABLE. Hi boys and girls! Run to your local record stores!!! Our new album is out in most European countries. Well, actually, this week, it's only Germany, Austria and France. But the release dates for other countries are coming too:
Switzerland: Order now * Italy: 11 April 2003 *
Benelux and Norway: end-april 2003

Anyway, you can already mailorder it through Sticksister Records.

We already had a few reviews and some really positive reactions about "Orphaned", which definitely feels great. You can find reviews (only in German and French so far) in the Press section.

HOW TO GET "ORPHANED" FOR PROMOTION/ DISTRIBUTION. Since we received quite a few inquiries about it, we are building a page with all the contacts from the promoters/distributors of our new record in each european country, so either if you run a mailorder/record store and want to distribute our album, or if you write for a magazine/webzine and want to review our record, feel free to deal with these people for promo copies. The page isn't totally completed yet, but you can check it out already by clicking here.

VIELEN DANK! We would like to thank everyone involved in the 9 shows we played early march. Thanks to all the promoters for setting up shows, letting us sleep on your floors (ok, this one wins the award for the most cliché-rock-sentence ever), and bearing with our silly humour, weird noises and awful smell. Some shows were better than others, but all in all we had a great time... Also, thank yoou to the german girl and boys of Monochrome and their hot-roadie Chris for the great rock, the constant amp-lending, and the german lessons, etc, etc. See you soon...

MO' KONDZERDZ. We'll play a number of isolated shows during the spring, so check the dates here. Danke!



ORPHANED. 9 songs, 44 minutes and 44 seconds of new Brazen sounds. Finally!!! We are excessively proud to announce that our new album will be out on the great STICKSISTER RECORDS at the end of March 2003. We haven't yet met in person the two masterminds behind this excellent Hamburg-based record company, but we certainly would like to thank them already for taking part in the Brazen adventure. It is awesome for us to be on the same label as our friends KVLR and Favez, to whom we would also like to send our most sincere thank-you's. Orphaned tracklisting goes like this: "The Last Straw", "No Remorse", "Procrastination Days", "Authority Again", "Laconic", "Maple Cell", "Machines of Time", "Lulls", "Thin Lines". The beautiful cover artwork was drawn by our friend Vincent aka Monster. Yes, himself. Anyway, just a little more patience and Orphaned will be in your CD players. The exact release date will be 24th of March.

Hundreds of cheek-kisses go out to the members of the loudest, catchiest and grooviest techno-rock band around these days. Once again, playing a few shows with the fabulous four of Cave In was indeed an amazing musical and amusing
personal (even if financially disastrous) experience and we mean to thank A LOT this little crew of hyperactive hobbits for the excellent vibes, the funny high-school jokes, the precious advices, and most of all, the absolutely incredible shows they provided. Now let's just watch them get huge! Kevin takeover...

FRANCO-SWISSO-GERMAN-AUSTRI-SOLVENO-TOUR. Yes, we will be touring ALL of these countries with the excellent Monochrome from Stuttgart from the 28th of February until the 8th of March. One week, 5 countries. Yeah, we're globe-trotters kinda guys. Tourdates here. Oh, and we will already have copies of our new album Orphaned on CD for sale on this tour!

AMA-10. From now on, the Postdam-based Amadis agency will take care of Brazen booking in Germany. THAT is cool
. They will probably book an Deutschland tour for us in April, so if you read this and are interested, just contact torsten@amadis.net.



SUMMER IS OVERRATED. Finally, the leaves on the trees are yellow, the air fresh again, and the rain is keeping everyone sad and locked inside. It feels good. However, our album is being mixed these days through Serge Morattel's brand new computerized-system. Finally, after a two months break, we could complete the vocals last week-end and start mixing the 9-song monster. A show in Schwyz is planned for end-november, and there is of course a lot more to come, as we have now Fig from Gentlemen taking care of our booking in Switzerland, and it feels really good.The tourdates will keep you updated about that. We hope to have the new album out early next year, and then tour as much as possible throughout Europe. We'll keep you updated about that. Take care.



We have finally tracked all of the instruments on our new album... except for the vocals, which are being recorded these days. Working with Serge Morattel is awesome as expected and everything sounds incredibly good. All the songs shine just like they should and that's really exciting. We even allowed ourselves to complete brand new songs in the studio, which has delayed us a bit, but the results are definitely worth it. Definitely the best material we have ever done.

SANT FELIU FEST CANCELLATION. Sorry, sorry, sorry. Due to the unexpected slowness of our studio work, and to some schedule problems, we will have to finish vocal tracks and start mixing on the same week end as the spanish festival, so we will not play in Sant Feliu this year. I really hope we'll correct this mistake next year...



Brazen will be locked up in Geneva's Rec Studio with Serge Morattel (who produced all of our previous recordings and also Knut, Shora, Tantrum, Impure Wilhelmina, Demilliac, etc.) between June 22nd until early August to put onto tape what will be the first real Brazen full length, finally. 9, or 10 new songs, some of which were played live since spring of last year. Song titles include "Last Straw", "Procrastination Days", "Lulls", "Maple Cell", and a few others as-of-yet untitled. Needless to say that even though we won't see the summer sun for more than a month, we are very excited to finally record all of these tunes with our dear pal and producer Serge. No title for the album so far, and no label deal inked either. We'll let you know, just right here, yes.

BALBUTRIX DEPARTURE. Reasons of the recording delay? Loïc, our beloved bass-playing Duke, who's been playing in Brazen since the very beggining (around 1995) decided to leave the band a few months ago. Very sad news, yes, but it seemed there was nothing we could do to keep him with us. The news really affected us, so it took us a few weeks to get ourselves together and to try to accept the facts. Loïc, good luck. We love you.

SHOEGAZER'S ENTRANCE. But then, in the early days of may 2002, the mighty Michael White (also known as the litteral french translation of his own name - yes, just like the famous french actor, you silly...) eventually showed up at the practice space and warmed our bitter hearts with miraculously delightful bass lines. Michel used to play drums in the noisy-electro-pop act Sinner DC, and, besides his "solo" stuff, plays bass in the acoustic band Disown, together with Mark. Due to very intensive rehearsals, he's now just as ready as the rest of us to record that -fucking- album. Yaw.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more.