Aura, Dora26.AUG.06

AURA, DORA. As of Friday 13th of October you will all be able to purchase our new album entitled "Aura, Dora" in stores throughout Switzerland. This new 10-song album will be released on Saïko Records, and distributed by Irascible.
And it is good stuff, man, good stuff. Preview here.

LIVE. We'll play shows in the fall as a 5-piece: there will be special vintage keyboard wizardry provided by our new member Emmanuel! So if you're interested to book our psychedelic asses, just drop us a line.



We have our own brand spanking new myspace.com page and there's 4 new songs from our upcoming new album to be streamed there -> http://www.myspace.com/brazenbrazen (rejoice!) - We'll be back with more news about the album soon.

CORNELIUS. We have a 30-sec song featured on the Amazon Grace compilation. The song is entitled Cornelius and it's kind of a Beatles-Bill Fay mish-mash that lasts for 30 mighty golden seconds but it guarantees eternal happiness to anyone who actually listens to it. Yes, indeed. And now you probably just spent more time reading this news than it takes to listen to that tune. Eheh.

NEW POSTAL ADRESS. All perfumed love-letters should be sent to this adress from now on: BRAZEN / 40, rue de Carouge / 1205 GENEVE / SWITZERLAND - Send us your love (and money)!


WE'LL BE BACK. Some of you were wondering what we are up to. Well, we have finally finished our brand new 10-song album! It was recorded in various sessions between April and September, mostly by ourselves and with Serge Morattel who also mixed the whole thing at his now famous Rec Studio. It's going to be mastered in a few days by Alan Douches at West West Side Music Studio in New Jersey.

We have definitely pushed the outer limits on this album, finally acheiving bewildering beauty and harmonic amazement, reaching orgasmic intensity through sonic lushness and melodic absolutism. Needless to say the face of music will be forever changed.


No word yet on who will release it and when it'll be out, and when our next shows will happen. But we'll let you know here.

Talk to you soon.