Brazen - 2003 (Slovenia)
*THE BIRTH. | 1995. Three very young lads, Robin Jossen (guitar), Thibault Schneeberger (vocals/guitar) & Loïc Broennimann (bass) team up and start playing youthful energetic music together. 1996. First gigs, first demos and first local TV appearance. 1997. Former drummer leaves and gets replaced by Emile Nobs. At this point, weird guitar chords, dissonances and brooding harmonies start to appear. Vicious/Fog 7"Our former drummer left in 1997 and was instantly replaced by childhood friend Emile Nobs. Coincidentally, that's where we started to seriously lurk out of the egg-boxes-covered-walls of our practice room. We eventually got rid of our teenage demons, started to write more solid and darker songs, and recorded our first two-song 7" in the fall of 1998. We released it ourselves and tried to spread it around as much as we could. Our first shows outside Switzerland only came a year later, as we embarked on a mini-tour which drove us from foggy Austrian villages until the confines of Slovenia. This was just the beginning of it all, and we were ready to conquer the world.


"..As Floods decrease" MCD*THE GROWING MONSTER. | 1998. Brazen finds its definite moniker and records a first 7”. The two songs featured get generally described as moody, melancholic post-hardcore with desperate vocals and the 7” gets very good reviews in various fanzines around Europe. 1999. The very first Brazen tour (Austria, Slovenia, Germany) is set up, and new songs are being written. 2000. The first days of the year see the recording of 5 songs with Serge Morattel (Knut, Shora, etc.) that will become the 5-song EP “…As Floods decrease” first released on 10” then on CD by Geneva Snuff Records (Knut, Nostromo, Grace, etc.). In the spring, Emile Nobs gets replaced by Mark Blakebrough on drums. His extremely heavy yet emotional approach of drumming brings the band the intensity their music required. The “…As Floods decrease” CDep gets raving reviews all over the underground world (hardcore/indie scene) and Brazen tours Europe in the summer with Switchblade (Sweden). 2001. Brazen/Kevlar split double 3" MCDThe band records two songs that get released on a split double 3” CD with Swedish indie-rockers Kevlar (Snuff Records). One of these songs, “Everlasting Gestures” shows the new Brazen: delivering a 6-minute long, mostly instrumental tune, full of arpeggiated chords, clever bridges and actual singing in the middle of the track, with a voice clear as crystal. Did you say "progressive"? A summer tour in Germany with Kevlar showcases the band newly explored talent for bringing emotional intensity and melodic subtleties in a loud rock context.


"Orphaned" CD*ORPHANED. | 2002. Following a handful of shows as opener for US band Cave-In, former bass player and long-time friend Loïc Broennimann decides to leave the band and takes off for a long trip around the world. But Michel Blanc (former drummer of Geneva noise-pop band Sinner DC) came to rescue in spring with his unique bass playing style, his multiple musical talents, vintage gear and most importantly: his great voice. The first album “Orphaned”, recorded that summer, is a 10-song heavy complex monster with hints of Michel’s new influence (vocal harmonies, unusual basslines), solid drumming and lots of edgy yet harmonic guitar layers: the production is done by Serge Morattel at his Rec Studio. 2003. Stickman Records (home of Motorpsycho, Kvlr, Favez, Isolation Years, Fireside, etc.) releases the “Orphaned” CD at the end of April. The album gets amazing reviews all over the web and paper press. During that year, Brazen tours Germany twice, once with Monochrome in March, once as headliner in September, and plays festivals like Paléo Festival, La Bâtie, Pully for Noise, as well as many shows in Switzerland (with Favez).


*REACHING MATURITY. | 2004. The first show of the year takes place at the Eurosonic Festival, in Netherlands with Franz Ferdinand. Brazen takes time that year to start working on new songs for an album, and makes high-quality demos in the practice space. 2005. Studio time is booked in April for recording bass and drums. After recording most of the other instruments themselves, Brazen heads back into Serge Morattel’s Rec Studio in August to record vocals, re-record two songs entirely, and mix the album early October 2005.


*AURA, DORA. | 2006. The influences on this so"Aura, Dora" CDphomore record are wide and borrow vocal harmonies, rich orchestrations and psychedelic freedom from 60’s pop-music (Beatles, Beach Boys, The Doors), unusual song-structures and sense of spacy-ness from 70’s progressive-rock (Pink Floyd, King Crimson, etc), a slight bit of lushness and melodic sensibility from the 80’s (The Cure, Talk Talk) while keeping a spontaneous indie-rock approach of musicianship (Sonic Youth, Sunny Day Real Estate, My Bloody Valentine, Chokebore, Unwound). The result could be described as a mixture of well-crafted dream-pop and progressive harmonic guitar-rock combining richly orchestrated catchy melodies and an overall epic feeling, played with the energy, heaviness and spontaneity of an indie-rock band.

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B R A Z E N :
Mark Blakebrough (drums, percussions)
Michel Blanc (bass, vocals)
Robin Jossen (guitar, bg vocals)
Emmanuel Mastrangelo (keyboards)
Thibault Schneeberger (guitar, vocals)